Zooming in your phone’s pictures can at times leave you with pixilated photos, but how cool would it be if you zoomed in a very large picture that you can even see facial expressions of every person? That’s what a Chinese firm has developed.

Asia’s largest photo even shows face expressions upon zooming in

A Chinese company called ‘Jingkun Technology’, also known as ‘BigPixel’, has captured an insanely large photo containing numerous people, whose facial expressions can also be noted when zoomed in.

The picture was taken atop the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai showing the city’s skyline and the city with moving cars, sailing boats and people walking on roads. As per the company, the picture’s resolution is whopping 195 gigapixels, or one billion pixels.

The picture is a collection of images taken over a few months by high-resolution cameras and integrated using image-stitching technology. As per BigPixel, the picture is the first panorama with hundreds of billions of pixels. The result is so precise that zooming in close to the oblivious person on the street will literally show their face expressions.


The company claims that its pictures are over 2,000 times as accurate as those captured by an ordinary camera. Also, its 360-degree snapshot of a sunny Shanghai skyline and is the world’s third biggest photo and Asia’s largest ever.