PM inaugurates Islamabad National University at PM House

Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurates the Islamabad National University at the PM House on 21st December 2018, as part of his campaign, had promised to turn the palatial official residences into a state-of-the-art university.

PM inaugurates Islamabad National University at PM House

Prime Minister Imran Khan, addressing the ceremony, said that the ultimate goal of establishing a university at the PM House was to lessen the gap between the government and public and to endorse the quality education.

The premier stressed the importance of “quality education” for a nation’s “progress and development”, assured that the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of his government’s full cooperation. Furthermore, he added that overall level of education will be improved during his tenure.

PM Imran continued, “Any society that has progressed; it is because they focused on education and human development. If a small class of people makes money, then the country cannot progress.”

In October, PM Khan had approved the configuration of split committees for evaluation of the draft charter for the university to be built at the PM House as well as the assortment of its vice-chancellor.

Education Minister Shafqat Mehmood said that the educational institute will be housed in the building of the PM House and other institutes and departments of the university will be added over time in the extensive grounds of the property.

The intention of the conference is to look for the advice of its guests in assigning the task of researching development for the government to the new institution, education minister added.