FDL at DAWN Lifestyle Expo and National Wedding Show in Lahore

Fitness Diagnostic Lab (FDL), Pakistan’s first diagnostic facility dedicated to health and fitness, recently participated in the DAWN Lifestyle Expo and The National Wedding Show, two of the biggest events of the year in Pakistan.

FDL at DAWN Lifestyle Expo and National Wedding Show in Lahore

At both events, FDL showcased its revolutionary Fit3D technology from Silicon Valley, USA.Fit3Dis the world’s fastest growing 3D body scanning brand. The ultra-modern technology impressed thousands of people at the expo, which paved the way for more than 5,000 people to sign up for FDL’s Fit3D scans. All the people who signed up can assess a Fitness Lab at multiple locations in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

The attendees were astonished by the details in their fitness and wellness reports, which include afull body3D avatar, circumferential measurements, body composition, posture analysis and wellness assessment. Now, for the first time ever, the people of Pakistan can visualize their current fitness levels and its future path in an easy and accessible manner like never before.

During both events, FDL also proudly announced its collaboration with two of the most renowned fitness organizations in the country: the 42-Day Challenge (42DC) and Structure Gym. 42-Day Challenge is a group fitness exercise routine that has changed many lives over the past five years. The huge success of 42DC has made Nusrat Hidayatullah and Torsam Tajik household names and great successes as young entrepreneurs.

Structure Health and Fitness is one of Pakistan’s largest fitness brands, with gym branches across the country. FDL’s collaboration with Structure Gym is a major accomplishment and will enable FDL to make great strides in achieving its goal of revolutionizing Pakistan’s fitness and health industry.

Along with this, FDL announced a collaboration with a prominent Physical Therapy clinic in Karachi named Health Enclave Physiotherapy that has paved the way for the scan to become a well-known diagnostic tool for posture analysis within the physiotherapy and orthopedic communities.

FDL is also currently in a process of finalizing collaborations with some hospitals, nutritionist clinics, social clubs, sports centers and other relevant locations.

The Silicon Valley USA based Fit3D is a success in 45 countries with a scan happening every 2.5 minutes across the world. In Pakistan, FDL is launching Fit3D devices across more than 50 locations nationwide over the next few months. The process of assessment is very simple just like a blood test or urine test. The device uses infrared rays that are completely harmless for even children and pregnant women.

Commenting at the Dawn Expo and later at The National Wedding Show, FDL Co-Founder and Country Head Dr Ibraheem Naeem said, “We were really excited to be a part of these prestigious events and have been truly delighted with the response we have gotten. With people immediately understanding the value FDL is bringing in helping them visualize their fitness and health in a way they have never seen before, it is clear that FDL will continue to grow and will surely be a huge success.”