Beijing launches website for old city protection

Beijing launched a new website on Dec. 17 to provide historical, cultural and geographical information of the old sites and relics in the capital. By visiting, people can learn about Beijing at different times in history, appreciate the intangible cultural heritages, and access the memories of the city’s well-known people.

Beijing launches website for old  city protection

The In Beijing website currently collects more than 30,000 information items featured in 18 major categories and 73 minor categories. The main sections include “Integrated Conservation of the Old City,” “Historical Sites of the Old City,” “Witnessing the History by Maps,” “Intangible Cultural Heritages,” and “Guide for Tourism and Culture.” A mobile app and other media platforms based on the website will be launch at a later date.

Initiated by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources, the In Beijing website is jointly supported by Beijing Institute of Surveying and Mapping and Beijing Tsinghua Tong Heng Planning and Design Institute.

The site gathers a large amount of Beijing’s historical, cultural and geographical information, and presents it to the public by digital, multimedia and other modern technological means. The establishment of the site also provides an important way for the public to understand Beijing’s historical and cultural information comprehensively, systematically and conveniently. Besides, the site provides important support for Beijing to build itself into the cultural center of China.

Zhang Wei, director of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources, said that history has left Beijing a rich cultural heritage, and it has also left the present generation with the mission of guarding these heritages. He said that in practical work the government should mobilize the entire society to actively participate in the protection of Beijing’s historical and cultural heritages.

Qiu Yue, an expert of Beijing Historic and Cultural City Protection Committee and director of Beijing Urban Planning Society, said he hopes the In Beijing website could further tell the story of Beijing, pass on historical culture, display the style and features of this era, and help Beijing to build itself into a famous historical and cultural city.