Majority of people have gone through the trouble of delayed flights, which is why Google is releasing a new feature that will notify people way before hand about flight schedules.

Google now inform you earlier if flights are delayed

Google has decided to release a new feature that will give proactive warnings and predict about future flight delays through its virtual Google Assistant. If the flight is likely to start late, the Assistant will not only let the user know about the delay, but will also provide a reason, when available.

What makes Google’s feature interesting and unique is that Google Assistant can predict these delays before the airlines even announce them.


For this feature, Google has used a mixture of machine learning and historical flight status data to make the predictions, which Google claims it can give with an 85% confidence rate.

Google already shares the predictions through Google Flights, but within few weeks Google Assistant users will be able to ask ‘Hey Google, is my flight on time’, or maybe ‘What’s the status of the American Airlines Flight from Philadelphia to Denver?’

This feature will inform the user beforehand so that they can prepare themselves for the long wait.