China's agricultural

The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences celebrated the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. The Agricultural Science and Technology Reform and Development Report was held in Beijing. At the meeting, Zhang Synthetic, secretary of the Party Committee of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that since the reform and opening up 40 years ago, China’s agricultural science and technology independent innovation has achieved a series of original landmark achievements, and won 2,227 national science and technology awards.

China's agricultural science and technology has achieved a series of original results

In terms of variety cultivation, a group of excellent germplasm resources and genes were excavated, and the genetic mapping and sequencing of major crops such as rice, wheat and corn were basically completed, and the genomes of pigs, cattle, sheep and other animals were sequenced, and China was established. Holstein cattle molecular breeding technology system.

In terms of technology research and development, the comprehensive management of the low-yield areas in the Huang-Huai-Hai Plain and the two-line hybrid rice technology won the National Science and Technology Progress Award. Significant progress has been made in the research on the prevention and control of animal and plant epidemics and the comprehensive management of pests and diseases, and the monitoring and early warning technology system for major animal and plant diseases has become more and more perfect. The research and development of highly pathogenic avian influenza vaccine is at the international advanced level.

Under the influence of scientific and technological progress, the grain yield per mu has increased from 135 kg in 1978 to 367 kg in 2017 in the past 40 years. The total grain output has reached 400 million tons, 500 million tons and 600 million tons continuously from 300 million tons in 1978. The total output of meat and meat has ranked first in the world for more than 20 years.

Zhang Synthetic also said that China’s agricultural science and technology still has obvious technical shortcomings, and some key core technologies are subject to people.