Google revive demolish museum through virtual reality

Few months ago people were left in shock after a massive fire devastated the 200-year-old National Museum of Brazil. Google, however, is aiming to revive the destroyed museum through virtual reality.

Google revive demolish museum through virtual reality

In 2016, two years before the fire engulfed the centuries old museum in Brazil in September, Google’s Arts and Culture team began working with the museum to digitize its precious around 20 million artifacts. The fire led the museum to permanently shut down, but Google has decided to reopen its door, but in virtual form.

As per Engadgetboth the museum and Google were already planning to make the collection available to view online before the devastating incident, so that anyone across the globe can see and learn more about the ancient artifacts.

In order to create the virtual version of the museum, Google made use of Street View imagery and online digital exhibits. Though Google realized that the virtual version won’t be equal to the actual one, it used tools like 3D laser scanning, high resolution photography, photogrammetry, and virtual and augmented reality to provide some touch of the actual version.

Google said that the virtual museum can be explored on Google Arts & Culture and also on iOS and Android apps.