Rickshaw service for solid waste management launched in KP

The spread of unmanaged waste that is not dealt effectively can lead to air and water pollution that is harmful for the environment, with due concern Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan inaugurated the rickshaw service for assortment and dumping of solid waste from Peshawar and its contiguous areas.

Rickshaw service for solid waste management launched in KP

CM Mahmood Khan said that the government had allocated Rs300 million for Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar (WSSP) in the budget so that it could be upgraded on up to date lines.

New-fangled machinery and vehicles costing Rs80.5 million handed over to the Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar (WSSP). The new fleet of vehicles included 20 rickshaw dumpers, 18 containers, four water bowsers, two Armorel trucks and one excavator.

The system of local government would also be introduced in the newly merged tribal districts of FATA and local body elections will also be held in these new tribal districts very soon.

Government was putting the provincial institutions on modern lines in order to address the problems of the people. Government was taking steps to awake and safe the public from the future disasters of environmental hazards.

The solid waste management system would further be improved and strengthened. The government introduced this new fleet to remove difficulties of the people of Peshawar and provide an out of harm’s way and better environment to them. This new system of solid waste management would soon be introduced at all divisional levels.

Waste that is not dealt with effectively, and left to rot in big piles in the open, can lead to pollution which is harmful for the environment and any living organisms that have to deal with the consequence of the pollution. Not only these, but when a natural area is the victim of widespread dumping, the area ceases to keep going its natural beauty.