Hult Prize OnCampus Finals at COMSATS Islamabad

First Ever Hult Prize at COMSATS Islamabad is on the go. The Hult Prize OnCampus finals held at 11th December, 2018 in CUI in collaboration with BEAMS.

Hult Prize OnCampus Finals at COMSATS Islamabad

The lucky 15 teams participating in it; the winner of this event eventually qualifies for regional finals of Hult Prize. A final round of competition will be hosted in September 2019, where the winning team to be awarded the $1,000,000 prize.

The winner of the OnCampus event will compete in one of the 27 regional finals happening around the world. One winning team from each host city will then move onto a summer business accelerator, where participants will receive mentorship, advisory and strategic planning as they create prototypes and set-up to launch their new social business.

Worthy and honorable jury members for on-campus finals are Saram Bokhari (Project Director, Center for Social Entrepreneurship) Muhammad Waqas (Software Solution Architect at Nexus technologies) Hassan Bin Zaheer (Chief Information Officer at Systems Limited) Syed Ali Hameed (Executive Director of Shaoor Foundation for Education and Awareness)

Nabeela Rashid (Female Entrepreneur Rung by Nabz ) Khaleeq Ur Rehman (Digital Marketing Manager BizVenture Marketing) Mohammad Ali Iqbal (GM Solicitation and Evaluation Ignite) Dr. Shimail Daud Arain (CEO Maryam Memorial Hospital & Former RCCI President) and Saif Ullah Azim (Principal System Analyst PASTIC)

Team Solution Makers is the winner team of Hult prize OnCampus finals whereas, the runner up teams are Apna Kitchen and Team Shirjoin.

The winner team Solution Makers their idea is to create a platform where people could buy cheap stuff online through different sellers providing stuff in bulk , One man’s Trash is another man’s treasure is what was highlighted in this idea ; Creating large scale mid-level jobs.

Team APNA Kitchen provides a platform that connects chef’s to students and hostilities. Major target is quality food by providing ingredients, recipes and procedure plans to the chef; Creating Jobs for Chef’s, Home Chef’s and delivery staff.

And Team Shirjoin idea is to make a platform which will provide a System for reservations, guide and transport etc. Online. 97& of the profit is to be used for social welfare; Creating Jobs on every level.

Hult Prize OnCampus competition sponsors are PASTIC, Cocacola, National Incubation Center (NIC)  TechnologyTimes as media partners and  Mosiqi as music partner.