Revolution in Technology to Change Industrial Working Outlook

The Initiative of Artificial Intelligence and Computing ceremony arranged by Iqra University and was addressed by President Dr.Arif Alvi as chief guest. The president said that the world is on the threshold of fourth industrial revolution that would change the overall outlook of the industrial working.

Revolution in Technology to Change Industrial Working Outlook

Artificial intelligence and wakefulness about most up-to-date trends is the key to development in the modern world. Such good initiatives must take to introduce and promote the knowledge of artificial intelligence in the country to enable our youth to take full benefit of the opportunities it provides.

It is artificial intelligence through which people are earning their livelihood from other countries without even leaving their houses. This approach is also effective in present times when visa and passport requirement of several countries have become more complicated and demanding.

Artificial intelligence uses tools and insights from many fields, including computer science, psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, cognitive science, linguistics, operations research, economics, control theory, probability, optimization and logic. AI research also overlaps with tasks such as robotics, control systems, scheduling, data mining, logistics, speech recognition, facial recognition and many others.

This is the time where machines would not only follow the orders of humans but would be able to think and decide for themselves as well through intricately developed algorithms, Dr. Arif Alvi added.

The president valued the initiative of Iqra University for establishing a means to pass on education of artificial intelligence and computing and also valued the cooperation of Saylani Welfare Trust in this regard. President was of the view that education is the only thing that can get rid of poverty and take our country further on the path of development.