Govt. to utilize native sources to meet energy needs

Pakistan’s energy needs are growing with the economic growth and that it requires unremitting power generation. Pakistan would make use of its native sources of Thar coal to meet the intensifying demands.

Govt. to utilize native sources to meet energy needs

Planning, Development and Reform Minister Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar and Minister for Energy Division Omar Ayub Khan, Planning Secretary Zafar Hasan, CPEC Project Director Hassan Daud and senior officials from the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum Division jointly chaired a meeting on integrated energy planning and progress of energy projects being executed.

Khusro Bakhtiar informed that the current government fond of top priority with cheap renewable sources of energy, the carve of renewable energy in Pakistan’s energy mix would improve up to 20 per cent in the coming 10 years.

More to the point of generation, up to date evacuation and distribution system would be developed to put in place a comprehensive approach in the energy sector. This loom would not only get rid of line losses but would also address issues belonging to circular debt on a enduring basis.

Gwadar power project initiative was the backbone for development in Gwadar, all the matters with respect to energy projects would be finalized jointly with the provincial governments.

The concerned department to take required steps for an early launch of construction work on the Kohala Hydro Project to generate cheap and green energy to fulfill the growing energy demands of the country.

The issue of payments for energy projects has been settled to a great extent, however, further measures would be taken to resolve the matter politely, Minister Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar added.

Energy Division Omar Ayub Khan said that the government promotes the development of renewable energy sources to accomplish cheap and green energy. All the way through innovation in technologies, renewable component in energy mix could be improved even beyond 20 per cent.