4th CAC Summit gateway to Pakistan agri-sector

4th CAC Pakistan Conference will pave way for joint ventures between Pakistani and Chinese entrepreneurs and also transfer of modern technology for Pakistani agriculture sector as we all aware that agriculture sector is salvation of Pakistan’s economy.

4th CAC Summit gateway to Pakistan agri-sector

At CAC Pakistan symposium Chinese and Pakistani experts discussed in detail the matters pertaining to China Agrochemical Manufacturing Capability, Pakistani Crops and Demand for Agrochemicals and Machineries, Pesticides Registration Management updates in Pakistan.

Most Sold Pesticides and Future Trend in Pakistan, Pakistani Pesticides Market and Import & Export Situation, Pakistani Fertilizers Market and Future Development, Current Status and Future Trend of Agricultural Machineries, Current Status of Chinese Agricultural Machinery Industry & leading Machinery and Technology came under the conference.

The LCCI President Almas Hyder addressed the factors like low agriculture productivity and growing demand for food persuade the use of crop protection chemicals. The excessive use of pesticides on fruits, vegetables and crops causes health and environment hazards. We need to be very cautious while selecting the right pesticides and while using the right amount of these chemicals, he further added.

Pakistani pesticide market is import dependent. The high prices of imported pesticides promote smuggling and at the same time fake chemicals which adversely affect the economy as well as environment.

Khawaja Shahzad Nasir and Fahim-ur-Rehman Saigal said that said that agro-chemicals have contributed significantly in raising agricultural yield and there is still a lot of room to bring improvement in this sector.

Engr. Jawed Saleem Qureshi highlights the aim and objectives of summit that there lies an immense potential of agro-chemicals in Pakistan which must be utilized on priority basis.

Director Agriculture, Punjab Dr. Sher Muhammad Sherawat shared his knowledge about major insect pests of major crops, insect pests of rice crop, economic threshold levels and new chemistries of insecticides.

Saad Akbar Khan gave a presentation on contribution of agriculture sector in GDP, its growth, Seed and Fertilizer markets, crop protection and Chinese pesticides industry.

The experts stated that Pakistani seed market is segmented, based on application, into crop-based and non-crop based seed segments. Demand reaches 1.72 million tons annually, with 1.08 million tons of wheat seed, 40 thousand tons of cotton seed, 42.5 thousand tons of rice seed, 31.9 thousand tons of cotton seed and 10 thousand tons of oil crops seed.