Propertech: A new social construct

Propertech: Theory of Property by John Locke in 1688 wrote in the Second Treatise of Government about the property. Value was centrifugal topic and pivotal force in his writing was of labor, the HR in modern era.

Propertech: A new social construct

We in Islam have more focus on belief system whose value in the current era has been legitimized to just worship places and even more precisely to persons and sects related to which they relate themselves to.

Property was considered at that time as a device which captures or retains certain kind of value. Device or physical existence of something was at the core of the property which was worked upon by the people/labor to get something value able goods for self and for society.

We see people living in cars with just mobile phone. We many living with millions but not house. We don’t see them purchasing land and doing plantation. Leader now motivates and campaigns to wake up Do Labor On Land For Capital. We have personalized technology in the form of phone numbers, sims, email addresses, social media tags blah blah.

Lets see another perspective on Propertech’s innovation (disruption). Recently, money from one of the top Islamic bank got stolen and it is because of tech. So, valuable is technology. We have now portal for launching issues being faced as for leaders it is now difficult to give time to followers. See, it again the same scientific creation playing pivotal role in making the life of leaders easier.

Doctors are not going to heal by care, sacrifice or smile; as we have technology to take care of the mistakes being made by the doctors which of course tells about the doctors not being doctors/healers but jobbers but technology will be adopted by jobbers to do the job easily.

Teachers too are using it for communicating, teaching, coordinating, checking, judging and giving tests to those who are admitted as knowledge seekers or someone who needs to be trained and monitored to work in a better way in future career because teacher is like a leader. Somehow, technology here is making the work of teacher easier but forget not; Nothing is free. The cost of comfort, ease and efficiency is being paid and will be paid by next generations facing catastrophes due to climate change.

Considering the value of information, we see that property is also something which has no physical existence or just the experience is also a property being acquired by a being who can use it for the sake of goodness of society. But this is based on the empathy or how sincere a person is to whole of society. This needs a being who can ignore self-goodness for the social-goodness. It is more than sharing and commonly known in the societies as sacrifice.

Knowledge regarding your health is your property being kept by the doctors very confidentially but Big Data investment of about $62 billion by USA will enforce healthcare professionals to change this principal of confidential patient info or at least stringency be lenient so that at least expert healthcare professionals can use it for better results in the future.

It is going to be good for patients to come as learning about adverse effects via Big Data is going to enhance learning thus patients can avoid using some medicines. It is just one plus in pharmacy but many are expected. But question is property rights. Why one share confidential sensitive info of one’s health with others as now it is of value? Why we are discussing Sharing Economy now to make Big Data fertile as billions have been allocated?

Why Sharing Economy is not discussed in the other contexts (there are many: Big and Small)? When there is concept of Precision Medicine, will it not be true that every one is made different and one persons confidential health related info would be of little or no use in other patients cases? Is it not reflected from the word “healthCARE” that at its core it is CARE with SACRIFICE which is going to give patients relief and courage to fight back when suffering from chronic diseases?

Property is value able and labor is required which in these days is reducing. Mind is our property but its not being labored properly now so we are loosing it. We suffer from many diseases and healthcare issues due to the use of new technology but we still are making policies in favor of technology in Healthcare.

Mr. Everett M. Rogers, in proposing the Innovation Diffusion Theory, must have answered properly to how and why by discussing the pivotal, central and lethal role being played by governments, policy makers and other decision makers (tech manufacturers and marketers) in making a tech successful.

Sacrifice leads to carving the beauty of a social entity. Mom sacrifices to beautify a baby, personify a future leader, decorates a being with manners, values, ethics, good habits, pious deeds etc. It often takes life of mom and dad in the process.

But it pays a society back. It pays when the being talks sense, walks sense, sees sense, preaches sense, smells sense and is a complete sensitive being to provoke the very senses of society with all its entities so that social carving takes place.

Technology is tool which empowers not in a democratic fashion but by biasing or skewing towards those who are privileged. In case of Pak Citizen Portal, those with privileges will be at par but not those who don’t even know how to write. Leaders have to sacrifice to get closer to followers and get the love leading to altruistic obedience of subordinates.

Altruism needs no physical existence. It is valued. The real property in any persons or people’s life. We value it still in all contexts. Issue is attention deficit as we are looking for proper tech not real property. Sacrifice comes after you become altruistic in your life.

You need no marketing of the product as you need not the money but proper property. Propertech has little value as it is comfort for self we seek in it. It is often at the cost of nature and we then show the side effects of it in movies life Geostorm.

All we need is to realize the proper use of everything and especially technology as it is very powerful and dangerous just like a gun, a knife, a sword, drugs etc. Be very careful. You be strong when we use natural technologies more which increases our capabilities, capacities, energies, strengths etc.

Not using makes us lazy, lethargic, dumb, dull etc. Better to rely on natural tech to keep ourselves strong and healthy as we see African’s winning in Olympics because they are very natural, simple, frugal people. If we focus on tech’s “Abstinent Use” Then we be able to see ostensive of “Effective Use”, “Flexible Use” or “Proper Use” as discussed in modern theories and models of UTAUT (Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology).

My professor often says it: “Kill you comfort zone” I would say “’Drill’ your mental Zone” and think about using your physiological zone as its usage makes it more strong. Use Tech but Abstention is Better. Sacrifice and obedience leads to love.