Ultra fast development of solar power in Pakistan

During the Government headed by General Ziaulhaq NIST was established in 1981 at Islamabad and was headed by a technocrat from Atomic Energy Commission. This was done to develop solar power technology.

Ultra fast development of solar power in Pakistan

Thus, Pakistan was the first Asian country to enter in this field. At that time neither China now world No.1 or India now world 3 in Solar power generation had entered in this field. This technology remained dormant in Pakistan due to failure of NIST to deliver as is usual when bureaucrats head such important institutions.

Some incentive towards solar and wind power was taken by previous Government. But now power crisis is lurking in Pakistan and this government should take bold steps for ultra fast development of solar power and wind power by taking the following steps:

  1. Give incentives to private sector for progressive manufacturing of solar modules, cells, wafers and silicon blocks along with hybrid inverter and power storage systems.
  2. Give incentives to private sector to establish wind power generation turbines assembly plants.
  3. Engage people like Mr. Riaz Malik and others like him to enter this field as they have the money to go for joint ventures with Chinese suppliers of complete plants.
  4. To eliminate smog start manufacturing only electric cars as joint ventures with Chinese electric car makers. China leads the world in electric car manufacturing.
  5. Make less Government and encourage private sector to deliver even in PIA and Steel Mill.

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