Sindh to establish Grid Company for clean energy

The Sindh government setting up to establish an enthusiastic grid company under public-private partnership to relinquish clean electricity being produced at Thatta-Jhimpir wind corridor.

Sindh to establish Grid Company for clean energy

Energy Minister Imtiaz Shaikh at the 17th World Wind Energy Conference announced that the provincial government, in partnership with the World Bank, and is planning to setup a $100 million solar power project to benefit the inhabitant of rural areas.

The Sindh government has reserved around 60,000 acres to be utilized for renewable energy projects. At present, renewable energy contributes only five per cent to the total energy mix and informed that the provincial government is working to increase the share of renewable energy in the country’s energy production.

Currently, there are 23 wind energy projects operating in Gharo-Jhimpir corridor and around 35 projects are currently at different stages of completion.

Pakistan holds colossal potential for renewable energy which is more than enough to meet the country’s energy requirements addressed by the World Wind Energy Association Vice President Shahid Hamid at the 17th world wind energy symposium.

Alternative Energy Development Board Chief Executive Amjad Ali Awan said that in order to promote investment in the renewable energy, the government must make sure long-term strategy.

Energy Secretary Musaddiq Ahmed Khan, said that it was elevated time for Pakistan to move towards alternative energy resources owing to the exceptional incentives in terms of lesser tariff for power consumers and saving of precious foreign exchange reserves.

Jhon Smith of USAID also assured dedicated US support to promote alternative energy projects including auxiliary support for concerning them to the national crisscross.

The federal government would voluntarily endowment approvals to upcoming wind energy projects in Sindh. The Sindh government would soon launch a $100 million solar power project with the help of World Bank as this would benefit the populace of off-grid areas in rural areas.