NASA warns, gigantic asteroid can hit earth in flames

NASA has recently dropped in a scary warning that in 2023 a huge asteroid can hit Earth, sending it to flames in five years.

NASA warns, gigantic asteroid can hit earth in flames

Space agency NASA has been monitoring asteroids since a long time. This time, implementing the JPL Sentry system to scan the depths of space, NASA has discovered a gigantic asteroid, twice the size of Big Ben, hurtling towards Earth, and can prove to be a threat in only five years.

The space rock, named 2018 LF16, could strike Earth with the force of the world’s most dangerous nuclear bomb and leave Earth in flames. However, there are high chances, almost 99%, that the asteroid can miss, reported

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Though the impact chances are low, the massive size and the speed of the asteroid are enough to trigger a warning. The asteroid is 213 meters wide, racing at extreme speeds of 33,844mph.

The European Space Agency (ESA) said, “Some asteroids are very large, and would cause enormous destruction if any were to strike Earth, but their estimated population in our Solar System is rather small and more than 90% of these are thought to have been discovered. None of these pose any risk of impact.”

The asteroid 2018 LF16 is expected to make its possible landing on August 8, 2023, and 62 dates after it as to when it could enter the atmosphere. The nearest ones after 2023 being August 3, 2024, and August 1, 2025.