Smog alleviation demands public considerations

Smog brought unprecedented consequences causing serious health complications leading to human deaths and environmental deprivation however Smog alleviation in its factual figure demands public considerations.

Smog alleviation demands public considerations

Rabia Naeem an Environment Sciences apprentice informed that the smog is an all over the year process that becomes visible due to temperature conversions.

In quest of a thermal or temperature conversions, the opposite is true: from a certain height temperature increases again and becomes higher than the temperature in lower layers.The air pollution, which is normally diluted perpendicularly, is now contained by this temperature inversion.

Pakistan is under direct impact of climate change there is no either situation in the country, no matter how small contributors we are to the global pollution. It is not only the responsibility of the state and concerned authorities rather the entire society has to play its role in mitigating climate change particularly Smog.

The enduring Prime Minister’s Clean and Green initiative and Billion tree tsunami implemented in different areas were necessary and right decisions taken at suitable time to overcome the global warming.

It is heartening to see people burning garbage, fallen leaves and plastic to warm hands in the cold weather despite the fact that it directly synthesizes or facilitates Smog breeding into the atmosphere.

There should be severe punishments and accusations over this act to make people apprehend the sensitivity of the issue as it would go irrepressible if left unaddressed, toting up an immense wakefulness drive on the part of media should be initiated to create awareness among the hazards of Smog.

The real solution to combat smog would require much more serious measures by improving fuel quality, introducing solar and other renewable sources of energy, planting trees on a large scale and improving public transportation to reduce the number of cars on the roads.