New action plan for remodeling of agriculture in Balochistan

At a ceremony in Quetta two projects were inaugurated with regard to an endeavor to enhance household incomes, improve food security and nutritional status of men, women and youth associated with agriculture in Balochistan.

New action plan for remodeling of agriculture in Balochistan

Mitta Khan Kakar, Advisor to Balochistan Chief Minister on Livestock and Dairy Development, BrekBatley, Deputy High Commissioner of Australia to Pakistan were chairing a high-level gathering to discuss new strategies being used for improving agriculture in Balochistan.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in collaboration with the government of Balochistan and with the financial support of Australian government’s Department of Foreign Aid and Trade (DFAT) will take in hand the challenges faced by rural communities dependent on agriculture for their livelihoods in Balochistan through these projects.

FAO Representative in Pakistan Minà Dowlatchahi said women make huge contributions to the rural economy by engaging in on and off farm activities and by looking after the household and family nutrition. Investing in women’s empowerment along with men helps get rid of poverty, improve food security and nutrition and helps accomplish economic growth.

The second project is helping empower women allied with agriculture in Balochistan by working with them and for them. 445 women have already been trained in agri-business. Women enterprise development in the agriculture sector in Balochistan will be the main focal point as a result of which, 10 women agri enterprises comprising of 200 women will be able to operate their own businesses and increase their income by 25%. In addition, 400 women will receive literacy and numeracy training in Chaghai, Nushki and Quetta districts.

The project will help in the local espousal of new improved approaches, knowledge and capacities to make sustainable and durable impact on the lives of farmers and their families.

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