NDMA warns of drought circumstances in Sindh

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has warned of a drought-like situation in Sindh and parts of Balochistan, prominence that the circumstances may become cruel in the coming days as a dry spell is predicted in many parts of the country.

NDMA warns of drought circumstances in Sindh

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) containing short-term and long-term recommendations and measures has been submitted to the president and the Prime Minister office and also shared with the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), Sindh, and other stakeholders for essential accomplishment.

To lighten hardship and miseries of the affected people, the Recovery & Rehabilitation Directorate of the NDMA would act as “drought secretariat” to ensure timely, coordinated and smooth flow of information among all stakeholders.

The NDMA has discussed accessibility of water for human utilization as well as agriculture and livestock usage with relevant agencies. Adverse impacts of drought on the livelihood and resultant migration were also discussed.

The NDMA has expressed the fear that lingering dry spell may cause water stress in cultivated areas of the country due to limited supply of irrigation water for Kharif crops and may also aggravate the existing drought-like conditions.

The authority has sought a sector-wise consolidated situation report as well as recommendations for future course of action from all provincial disaster management authorities and district disaster management authorities and line departments of the districts facing the drought-like situation.

The NDMA campaign to hold a ‘national consultative seminar’ next month in Islamabad to talk about passion and capacity of drought situation across Pakistan. The rationale of this seminar is to put together a comprehensive national strategy to effectively mitigate the adverse effects of drought.

Drought in Pakistan has become a frequent observable fact in the country as the drought is one of the factors responsible for poor growth performance. There’s a need to planned a effective strategy to overcome the drought circumstances in the country.