LUMS Open Day,Mapping the road to your future!

The LUMS Open Day is a great opportunity to grab information about the university itself, its dynamic campus life, abundant and advanced facilities, learned faculty, and extra-curricular activities.

LUMS Open Day,Mapping the road to your future!

What do I do next? That is the question that most of us who have finished school and are looking to start university are asking ourselves right about now. With all the admissions chaos surrounding us, it can be pretty easy to get lost and confused about what’s important and what’s not, what to know and how to get to know it. Instead of thinking of vacations and New Year’s plans, we’re all pondering test registrations, references, personal statements, attesting relevant documents, and a host of other university-related questions and tasks.

Before we dive into this pool of deadlines, though, the very first question that hits our brains is “Which university should I apply to?” With so many queries floating around in our minds – especially the ‘big’ one of which university – who is there to answer them? Of course, there’s always the internet, or when all else fails, word of mouth. But what could be better than one-on-one conversations with people in the know to make sound choices about your future and education? Especially when it comes to where you’re going to be spending the next 4-5 years of your life!

That’s where Open Days can be your best friend! Open days are specially designed to give potential students insights about a particular university, making that all-important decision just a little bit easier! The LUMS Open Day is a great opportunity to grab information about the university itself, its dynamic campus life, abundant and advanced facilities, learned faculty, and extra-curricular activities.

What is the first and the most important step before attending? It’s research, and only research. You can never have a conversation if you do not know what it is you want to talk about. There are a number of questions you can ask on an open day including undergraduate/graduate degree choices, facilities, courses, extra-curricular activities, faculty profiles, fee structure, financial support, career opportunities etc. This is your day, so be interactive and participative.  The more you know, the more likely you are to be on the right track towards making the correct decision about your educational future.

One of the hardest decisions for all of us is selecting a particular area of study. The programme-specific presentations at the event give detailed previews about the ins and outs of all major subjects and, most importantly, what career a specific major can lead to. This not only provides a better understanding of the degree offered, but also eases the way towards steering you onto your relevant career path.

Added to this, LUMS gives you a chance to meet and greet with the learned faculty responsible for nurturing the raw young minds, and shaping them into the innovators, thinkers, creators, and researchers of tomorrow. You have the chance to have direct and casual conversations with them, which will help you better, understand the choices that will impact your life. Of course, university life is about a lot more than just academics. The LUMS Open Day offers well-designed campus tours to help you get a chance to experience campus life as it is, to catch up with current Luminites, ask them about their experiences, their struggles, why they chose a particular major, and how LUMS has changed their lives.

One of the best things about LUMS is that it is not an ‘elite club’; rather, the university lives up to its motto ‘Merit Matters’. The university is a cosmos of intellectual minds and great scholars from not only Pakistan, but across the globe. And attending the event will give you a chance to interact with every one of them, from faculty to students to alumni. Moreover, you can learn more about the generous financial support offered by LUMS to its scholars – both need-based and based on scholastic achievement. You get to interact with representatives from the Office of Financial Aid, who can answer all potential queries related to fees, funds, and scholarships available.

For those of us who have completed our undergraduate degrees, it’s important to remember that academic life does not end there! The Open Day is equally relevant for all those looking to make their way towards a post-graduate degree. So, it may be worthwhile dropping by even if you are only toying with the idea of returning to academia. Whatever your interest, by the end of a full, active day, you should be in a much better position to assess whether or not LUMS is the right place for you. Remember, every journey begins with the first step – so see you at the LUMS Open Day!