National Biosafety Committee, confer import of GMO seeds

The 19th National Biosafety functioning faction conferred the import of genetically modified organism (GMO Seeds) canola and soybean seeds.

National Biosafety Committee, confer import of GMO seeds

GMO (genetically modified organism) seeds are not created using natural, low-tech methods. GMO seed varieties are created in a lab using high-tech and complicated techniques like gene-splicing.

Genetically modified seeds are hazardously increasing disease encumber in Pakistan, devouring even not enough incomes of poor families on treatment of their ailing members.

National Biosafety Committee, Pak-EPA DG Farzana Altaf Shah briefed the board about the previous meeting agenda and further highlighted that the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of Pakistan Agriculture Research Council discussed the recommendations that were requested by All Pakistan Solvent Extractors Association for the import of genetically modified organism (GMO) canola and soybean seed/grains for food, oil-extraction, and processing in Pakistan on assessment basis.

Technical Advisory Committee recommended that the substance be taken up with the Ministry of National Food Security and Research after approval by National Biosafety Committee and the Department of Plant Protection should also be involved to provide pragmatic information for the import of either GMO canola and soybean or non-GMO canola and soybean seeds.

Biosafety members observed that preventive measures are very important proceeding to the import of the genetically engineered seeds/grains because GMO possesses high vulnerability to the local micro-organism and biotic species.

Secretary Ministry of Climate Change Shahrukh Nusrat, Chairman Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PNRC) Dr. Zafar Yousaf, Director General Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA) Farzana Altaf Shah, Joint Secretary Ministry of National Food Security and Research Dr. Mohammad Khursheed, Secretary KPK Agriculture Research Center Mohammad Israr, Director Sindh Agriculture Research Center Walli Mohammad and others attended the board meeting on the import of GMO seeds.

The import of the GMO seeds is a conspiracy again Pakistan to take away this homeland from attaining self-sufficiency in food. These seeds are a momentous threat to our food security and the concerned institutions agencies should take a demanding notice of this fact as a food-insecure country is more vulnerable than a country facing a direct military attack.