OPPO A7 shoots for midrange dominance

 The battery! Yes, battery is the most essential and most looked for feature in any phone. It’s the main source of connection between the phone and the user.Thankfully, OPPO has stepped up its game with their new phone OPPO A7 4230 mAh battery with a performance efficient system on chip QualComm Snapdragon 450, A7 is surely the answer to all your battery problems. 

OPPO A7  shoots for midrange dominance

Today, a phone has become a necessity. We all use these cell phones to work from home, to keep in touch with colleagues on the go and to discuss matters in real time. If you have a phone with a poor battery life, or slow charging, that can literally put your personal and professional life at a halt!

Let’s dive deeper into the brilliance of OPPO A7.

Power of OPPO A7

Let’s begin with the phone’s battery capacity: OPPO A7 packs an astonishing and long lasting 4230 mAh battery that works well with the UI of this phone to offer efficient battery consumption. This battery powers the device that is powered by 1.6 GHz octa-core and offers 64 GB internal storage and 4 GB RAM which can smoothly run heavy apps without any hiccups. In layman terms, you can use all the features very smoothly, without the fear of losing battery. 

The most important thing to note in this new device is the battery capacity. A 4230 mAh battery means you can easily spend a day without charging your phone. There is no fast charging option available in this phone and honestly speaking, there is no need of having one given the battery size. OPPO A7 will be there for you when you need your phone the most. A7 can be used by people of different professions especially those who are on the move 24/7.

OPPO A7 is not only about a big battery life. It has much to offer.  If you’re thinking that battery is the sole USP of this phone, read on and you’ll know why you need to rethink the new OPPO A7. It features:

  • As aesthetically appealing 3D Artistic Texture design
  • Two appealing colors- Glaze Blue and Glaring Gold
  • Sharp 13MP+2MP Dual Rear Camera
  • 16MP front camera with AI Tech
  • Decent 6.2” HD+ display with 88.4% screen-to-body ratio

To put it in a nutshell, this is easily one of the best mid-range phones out in the market right now with decent features and a lot to offer to the customers, considering both entertainment and communication.