PMAS-AAUR inaugurated National Conference on Water Scarcity & Climate Change

Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi (PMAS-AAUR) inaugurated a two-day National Conference on Pak-Agriculture at Cross Road of Water Scarcity and Climate Change.

PMAS-AAUR inaugurated National Conference on Water Scarcity & Climate Change

The forum was organized by the Department of Agronomy in association with Pakistan Society of Agronomy intended at prominence the threat of water scarcity and food security due to climate change and its penalty on the country.

At the opening session of the symposium Chairman Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC), Dr. Yousuf Zafar and Prof. Dr. Sarwat N. Mirza, Vice Chancellor PMAS-AAUR chaired the national conference.

As, we all aware about the shortage of water in Pakistan and is expected to become increasingly scarce in the upcoming years, and this is to a certain extent due to climate change. Considerate the problem of water scarcity begins by making an allowance for the distribution of water on the planet.

Climate change is not the one and only cause of water scarcity; exponential population growth is also contributing to this crisis. Dr. Yousuf Zafar stressed out the need of smarter and sustainable ways to make use of water resources and adaptation strategies to ensure water and food security in the country.

Pakistan requests the management and recruitment of water and production resources to forge the food insecurities and water scarcity as it is at seventh on the global scale been powerlessly effected by climate change. The current government having clear tactics for the boost of the sector as well as the economy of Pakistan.

To take escort in the world  all policy makers, agronomists, researchers, farmers, workers and all other stakeholders need to share their valuable suggestions and indigenize the knowledge at all levels.

Pakistan like the countries of world is facing a great challenge to be on the vanguard of comportment negative impacts of Climate Change happening due to very high susceptibility in the rouse of its geographical and easily broken environmental conditions facing acute shortage and scarcity of its water resources as the current per capita water availability.

The conference would result in a more shared vision climate change threats and water scarcity and serve as a platform for networking and synergies of stakeholders to devise policies and adaptation measures for overall betterment of agriculture sector in the country.

Pakistan needs to have a development strategy that draws benefits from the direction in which the world economy is moving, so that we are not left behind while everyone else makes a successful changeover.