Govt make cognizant effort for the transfer of technology to Pakistan

Pakistan government has strong-willed to make transfer of technology to Pakistan.Technology a very important part of all future agreements with foreign partners including China in an endeavor to ensure a technology-based economy and give a boost to deteriorating exports.

Govt make cognizant effort for the transfer of technology to Pakistan

Pakistan is considered a moderately new competitor in the global software development industry. While there are challenges competing with an already flourishing worldwide market, indisputably Pakistan’s up-and-coming IT industry has the potential to grow. 

For this reason, Pakistan government should make cognizant efforts to ensure that the requirements enclosed in the agreements adequately provided for the transfer of technology to Pakistan.

The technology transfer would be given due importance in all future agreements and directives would be issued to all the relevant ministries and divisions in that regard.

Pakistan and China signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in the field of geosciences to strengthen the cooperation between both the countries keeping in mind the future deals.

In the turf of geosciences, a summary MoU was proposed for expanding cooperation between the two sides. The scope of the proposed MoU was quite immense. The Geological Survey of Pakistan made some amendments to define the scope specifically and the orb of their activity and mandate. For review an amended summary of the MoU was sent to the Law and Justice Division.

Law Division recommended the amendments; the summary was examined and cleared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the political point of view. The prime minister heading for the technology transfer, skill development of youth should also be focused while in accord to terms of agreements with foreign countries. The Cabinet Division would counsel all ministries and divisions in that gaze.

Socio-economic stepping up should be an expected consequence of the work done by technology companies, and that emergent countries such as Pakistan will be the supreme beneficiaries of such exertion in the future deals with other countries.