Women University Swabi to launch new departments

A good education has long been recognized as one of the important practicalities in life; facilitating future employment and providing access to a fulfilling adult life. To promote education the Women University, Swabi, has decided to launch new departments of food sciences, nutrition, sports and physical education at the university.

Women University Swabi to launch new departments

To launch new department’s decision was made at the 9th meeting of the Academic Council of the university. Professor Khanzadi Fatima Khattak, the Vice-Chancellor of Women University, Swabi, heads of departments, director admissions, and controller of examinations and registrar of the university chaired the meeting.

The academic council forwarded recommendations for the establishment of a department of food sciences and nutrition and department of sports and physical education.

Prof Khanzadi Fatima Khattak alleged that the establishment of the department of food sciences and nutrition would help create nutritional awareness, prevent and cure diseases besides opening a window of the new profession to the female graduates of the university to broadcast their acquired knowledge of nutrition and diet management.

The establishment of a department of sports and physical education would provide the knowledge required for understanding and recognizing the interface between sports and education and preparing young females as sports educators.

The university would take all possible measures to ensure inculcation of values like social responsibility, ethics and integrity among its graduates beside quality education and research.

The meeting recommended launching of M.Phil and PhD programmes in the discipline of political science, as the department meets the requirement for such programmes.

It has to be decided to launch non-credit courses, which will boost personal development and intellectual growth of the graduates.

The academic standards were being observed in order to provide quality education and training to the students. The forum called for the strict implementation of the same standards in the affiliated colleges as well.

The educational system of a given society can say a lot about society itself as it often reflects the dominant values of that society. Sometimes it is the just as important to consider how you are being taught as well as what you are learning.