Sindh govt to announce agriculture policy 2018-2030

Sindh Minister Muhammad Ismail Rahoo  for Agriculture, Supply and Prices alleged that in a little while government will announce Sindh Agriculture Policy for the promotion of agri-farming in the Province for healthier yield.

Sindh govt to announce agriculture policy 2018-2030

Sindh Agriculture Policy 2018-2030 the recommendations of all pertinent stake holders would be incorporated into the policy to make it comprehensive and target oriented.Modern farming was need of time for getting healthier yield and improving food security. In this regard the Chinese model would be followed and Chinese experts’ cooperation would be required.

The agriculture policy would be in power till 2030 and would be in keeping with the Sustainable Development Goals. However, the various legal, regulatory, institutional and expenditure-related changes set out in the policy will be implemented over a period of time.

The sindh agriculture policy also aims to improve legislation, regulations, labelling and quality oversight in the market for inputs, particularly for seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, animal feed and veterinary medicines, as well as implement a certification system for organic crop, livestock and fishery products.

Sowing of vegetables and fruits and other cash crops would be encouraged in addition to major crops like wheat, rice, cotton and sugar cane. Mobile application introduced for the guidance of growers and farmers for a better and enhanced yield.

Sindh agriculture policy meeting was attended by Secretary Agriculture Agha Zaheeruddin, representatives of World Bank, Food and Agriculture Organization, Sindh Abadgar Board, Whole Seller & Exporters officers of agriculture, forest and wild life, livestock & fisheries, commerce, finance and planning & development department.

Agriculture policy better yield will benefit to get value added growth in the agriculture sector for both domestic and export markets, accomplish food security and to raise overall rates of economic growth for the benefit of all sections of the society.

The agriculture sector needs to grow for reducing poverty and reaching the growth targets of for the national economy of Pakistan.