MAJU to Launch Data Science & Information Security Degree Programs

Extraction of knowledge from large amount of data and breaking the cyber breaches in Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi (MAJU) will start two new degree Programs of MS (Data Science) and MS (Information security) from next year.

MAJU to Launch Data Science & Information Security Degree Programs

This was decided during a meeting of Board of Faculty, Computing and Engineering held here at University campus chaired by Associate Dean, C & E, Dr. Asim Imdad.

Dr. Asim Imdad addressing to the meeting that we have decided to launch two new degree programs keeping in mind job market requirement to meet the demand of our industry.

Our Banking sector is facing huge losses due to security breaches incidents that is why, we have decided to launch MS (Information Security) degree program.

This academic program will provided students an opportunity to learn the technical aspects of information security by understanding current threats and vulnerabilities and examine ways of developing effective countermeasures.

Data Science and Information Security degree program has been designed to fulfill the growing national need of well trained professional to work for protection of information system in all types of organizations including research and academia.

Data Science refers to the extraction of knowledge from large amounts of data. It is a process that uncovers important insights from huge amounts of raw data. More accurately we define data science as the use of complicated data analysis tools to discover previously unknown, valid patterns and relationships in large data sets.

Data has swept into every industry and business function and is now one of the most important factors of success, alongside labor and capital. This enormous growth of data has resulted in a high demand for data scientists world-wide.

Keeping in mind the industry demand there’s a number of employment opportunities in the following domain and for the protection of nation from various cyber breaches in Pakistan and authentic data required for the advancement of infrastructure.