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It’s happened. Your worst nightmare has come to fruition – you’ve lost mobile phone. Calm down; there’s no need to panic. Fortunately, you have options available to find it before it disappears forever.

We’re not talking about hiring a private detective or a pack of sniffer dogs to locate your device. If you own an Android smartphone or Apple device, there’s tracking software available that hunt down your smartphone’s location, and it’s reasonably accurate.

The magic happens through the Global Positioning System, (GPS.) This network involves thousands of satellites circling the earth. They relay data between points allowing you to accurately track the position of your smartphone anywhere on the planet.

Here are a few methods and tips on how to track your lost mobile phone. Give them a try if you have no idea where you left it, you may be surprised at the results.

Find My Device with Google Maps

This method works well for anyone who’s lost their Android device. Log onto your Google account using the account registered on your lost phone. Tap the three-horizontal bar icon on the right side of the screen. When the directory opens, click on the “Your timeline” option.

Enter today’s date, and Google will open their map app. The map features your device location history for the day. This information includes everywhere you visit and the routes you took to get there. The last known location will give you an idea of where you may have lost your phone.

Android has another option if you manage to have the foresight to install an app before your phone goes missing. Visit The Play Store and download the “Find my Device” app. Install it on your smartphone before such an emergency.

When you lose your phone, open your Google account on any internet enabled device and type “Find my device,” into the search bar. The app opens on your screen and gives you a map of your location data and history.

You also have the options to call your device, wipe the data, lock the device, and offer a reward or message on your home screen. If you think you lost it in your home, select the call option, and Google will ring your phone. If your device is in silent mode, Google overrides the function, and you’ll hear your phone ring.

Find My iPhone with Apple

Apple offers a similar service. Log into your iCloud account, log into your settings and choose the “Find My iPhone” option. The system runs its checks and gives you similar options to those displayed by the Android system.

You can remotely wipe your device, ring your phone, or lock it. If you have other Apple devices set up on a family network, the system will automatically ask you if you want to locate other devices. This option is a handy feature for finding your kid’s lost devices.

Install a Third-Party Tracking App

The most effective means of finding your lost mobile phone is downloading a third-party app like the Handy Orten app. Unfortunately, this idea won’t help you if you’ve already lost your device before reading this article. You’ll need to visit the Play Store or Apple App Store and download a third-party tracking app in advance of you losing your phone.

When your smartphone goes missing, log into the app through any other mobile device. The app shows you real-time data on the location of your device. Some people may think that this doesn’t have any extra features over the Android or Apple service.

However, a third-party app offers plenty of functionality that goes over and beyond finding your device. Use the private network to check the location of all your other family members, regardless of whether they use an Android or Apple device. The app lets you monitor driver behavior, check their status, receive arrival notifications, and even read through other people texts and emails on your network.

The Final Thought – Get a Customized Solution

Unfortunately, you need the foresight to protect yourself in advance of these situations. Sooner or later you’ll probably end up losing or misplacing your device. Be prepared for that day and install third-party tracking software, you’ll be grateful you did on the day it goes missing.

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