CMs cooperation to provide clean drinking water

The Ministry of Science and Technology has offered to give a hand to the provinces in terms of clean drinking water to their respective populations and assessment of water quality across Pakistan, as presently only 31 percent population has access to safe drinking water.

CMs cooperation to provide clean drinking water

Pakistan is among the top countries, suffering from hepatitis and this is mainly due to polluted drinking water. Timely remedy required to ensure provision of safe drinking water to citizens was the need of the hour in the face of so many fatal diseases-related to drinking water. Pakistan’s dire need to come out from the polluted environment and live a healthy life.

Minister for Science and Technology Senator Muhammad Azam Swati alleged to the chief ministers of the four provinces and offered them cooperation in ‘effectively pooling and handling water resources’.

PCRWR offered a diverse range of research, advisory and consultancy services, including water quality monitoring and treatment, ground water investigation, real time flow measurement, using echo-sounds based telemetry systems, GIS mapping, tile drainage, water conservation and capacity building programmes.

The national level monitoring investigations carried out by the ministry’s body, the Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources had revealed that only 31 per cent population of the country had access to clean drinking water.

The occurrence of bacteriological contamination, arsenic, nitrate and fluoride and these contamination had adverse effects on the quality of life due to water-related ailments like cholera, diarrhea, typhoid, hepatitis A and E, kidney diseases, skeletal and crippling fluorosis.

This alarming situation of drinking water quality entails monitoring; careful selection of drinking water treatment technologies is the need of the hour for provision of safe drinking water to citizens.

PCRWR can support in assessing and understanding the water related challenges and advise on risks and mitigation measures.

For the provision of clean drinking water the CM’s cooperation is mandatory to keep an eye to facilitate the citizens with pure, healthy water for drinking so far, to keep away from the disasters.