Pakistan Agricultural Research Council signs MoU with USTB Bannu

Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) and University of Science and Technology (USTB Bannu) KPK signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Pakistan Agricultural Research Council signs MoU with USTB Bannu

Pakistan Agricultural Research Council and USTB Bannu KPK ultimate aimed to sign agreement is to commence a program of scientific, technical and academic collaboration for the exchange of ideas, skills and techniques on problems of national concern.

University of Science and Technology (USTB), Bannu  Dr. Hidayat Ullah Khan, Acting Chairman, appreciated PARC efforts in agriculture sector and also thanked Dr. Yusuf Zafar, T.I, Chairman PARC who has kindly consented to get Memorandum of Understanding signed between USTB and Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC).

PARC and University of Science and Technology, (USTB), Bannu KPK would exchange training of faculty student’s supervision and technical recruits with no cost for research and academic development.

PARC and University of Science and Technology, Bannu will exchange students for their research and internship and combined supervision of MS and Phd Students and also combined conferences, seminars and workshops at national and international level.

PARC and USTB, reorganizing that mutual scientific and technical cooperation, will advance the state of science and technology within the country and strengthen the infrastructure.

Keeping in mind the PARC and USTB Bannu aimed of scientific, technical and academia collaboration program. Collaboration between academia, science and industry benefits can be great and widespread.

Working closely can help researchers develop new ideas, find new applications for their work, learn new techniques, and gain access to funding, expanding their professional opportunities.

The more researchers collaborate, the greater are the chances for success and problem solving. In developing countries, where world-class resources are extremely limited, collaboration becomes particularly valuable as a means to get hold of knowledge and experience.

The future rise in science; industry-academia is due to advances in information sharing technology and researches that further prosper globally.