Alibaba Establishes Global Research Academy

Alibaba’s chief technology officer Zhang Jianfeng announced during Alibaba’s Cloud Habitat Conference in Hangzhou that the group has established a global research academy named Alibaba DAMO Academy and the group will invest CNY100 billion in this academy over the next three years.

Alibaba Establishes Global Research Academy

Alibaba DAMO Academy consists of three parts, including a global laboratory, a university joint research institute, and a global frontier innovation research program.

Its research subjects cover quantum computing, machine learning, basic algorithms, network security, visual computing, natural language processing, next generation of human-computer interaction, chip technology, sensor technology, and embedded systems.

At present, Alibaba has cooperated with more than 200 universities around the world and launched over 40 projects.

Meanwhile, Alibaba DAMO Academy announced plans to set up an academic advisory committee and its members include academicians and university principals from China and abroad.