Workshops, courses initiates by LUMS on robotics and water informatics

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) has recently started a series of workshops and mini-courses in collaboration with the recently established National Agriculture Robotics Laboratory (NARL) and the Centre of Water Informatics.

Workshops, courses initiates by LUMS on robotics and water informatics

Pakistan can leap into one of the technologically advanced nations of the world by efficiently make use of the skilled researchers, scientists and experts of robotics. As robotics is a widespread domain and water is the crucial point of a developing country. Keeping all these issues, there’s a need of time to initiate the courses and workshops to move forward.

The workshop events, which were held in collaboration with LUMS Electrical Engineering Department were funded by the German academic exchange service DAAD along with competitive international grants won from global Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ‘IEEE’ Control Systems Society Outreach Fund. Over 600 participants joined in from across Pakistan.

The prime goal of the workshop is to convey a mini-course and tutorial on Machine Learning and the other conversations on Deep Learning, Neural Networks and Back Propagation. Smart agriculture and Forestry, beginning with a keynote address by Robotics Research Laboratory, Flood Emergency Reconstruction and Resilience Project along with Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources. Kinematics and Dynamics of Mobile Robots including analytical and geometric solution were also the discussed in the sessions in detailed.

The new initiatives of NCRA and NCAI Labs were discussed, along with the efficient management of cyber-physical systems. The sessions was very successful, an irresistible and positive response was experienced by participants, as well as the speakers.