Chinese private carrier rocket to launch next week

The first private carrier rocket built in China is due to be launched next week, reports the Qianjiang Evening News.

Chinese private carrier rocket to launch next week

Technician inspects the “Zhuque Nantaihu,” the first-ever three-level carrier rocket manufactured by private company in China.

The three-level carrier rocket, the “Zhuque Nantaihu,” has been designed and manufactured by Landspace Science and Technology, a private firm. It will carry a micro satellite customized for CCTV’s science experimental show “Go to the future” into a sun-synchronous orbit, as well as collect data for scientific use.

Landspace Science and Technology was founded in 2015. It has 170 technicians and two R&D centers in Beijing and Xi’an.

CEO Wang Jianmeng says the launch of “Zhuque Nantaihu” marks a milestone of spacecraft manufacturing in China, suggesting it will have a profound effect on promoting the civilian rocket industry.


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