Energy week celebrates at Attock Refinery Limited, Rawalpindi in-line with World Energy Day. Energy is an integral part of a society and it contributes to economic growth of a country worldwide.

Attock refinery celebrating energy week

The intention of this energy week celebration is to stimulate the people and make them energy conscious by addressing the energy importance that how it works for the development of a country.

We need to focus on energy conservation that is the ultimate goal. Highlight the essentials of energy to the employees so, that achieve greater participation from them at workplace.

We take energy issues as our moral and social responsibility. Sustainable business growth is possible only when we equally take care of global interests.

In the event of energy week energy talks are being held in Attock Refinery and offices to enhance the awareness among employees. Useful energy ideas will be presented by the internal stakeholders as well.

Attock Refinery Limited has installed 139 KW on grid solar panel system and more such projects are underway. Attock Refinery Limited has implemented ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard soon after its announcement in the year 2011 that keep on the right track to optimize energy consumptions and track its monitoring on scientific way.