Punjab govt focusing to facilitate small farmers

Agriculture needs to be promoting because it plays a vital role for the economy of Pakistan and its development. The government and the agriculture department focused to facilitate the small farmers in order to enhance the employment rate and small farmer’s income.

Punjab govt focusing to facilitate small farmers

Punjab government in collaboration with Australian Center for International Agriculture Research organized the event to facilitate small farmers in Pakistan.

The ultimate strategy to boost the small farmers is to ‘Create Wealth in Smallholder Farmers through Efficient Credit System in Pakistan’, and facilitating the farming community through the use of ‘mobile-wallets’.

Through these effective systems farmer’s community rapidly boost the economy as we have a major farming community in Punjab and unhappily small farmers have provided little finances through back years.

Punjab Agriculture Minister Malik Nauman Ahmad Langrial emphasized that “We have a total of 55,000 active mobile-wallet accounts,” The serving government allocated Rs 93 billion budget for the agriculture sector and Rs 15 billion for extending interest-free loans.

When compared to the previous year the government allocated Rs 81.3 billion budget that doesn’t facilitate the farmers much. With the advancement in the budget now the small agriculture farmers can take loan according to the given policies and startup the effective farms to increase the income.