2018 Canton tower science and technology conference concluded successfully

Artificial intelligence is a strategic technology that leads the future. This has formed a consensus around the world, “2018 Canton Tower Science and Technology Conference – Global Mobile Developers Conference and Artificial Intelligence Leadership Summit”, jointly organized by IDG China and the Guangzhou Science, Technology and Innovation Commission,was held in Guangzhou.

2018 Canton tower science and technology conference concluded successfully

Making China an important innovator and a strong development engine for artificial intelligence in the world.

The theme of the conference was “Go! Build the World”. One of the highlights was, with the industrialization of artificial intelligence as the focus, to comprehensively interpret how artificial intelligence technology empower the development of this era and promote industrial development.

Distinguished Guests Gather and Share Visions

The application status and development prospects of artificial intelligence in various fields were the focus of attention.

On the morning of the 11th, the opening ceremony and theme forum of “2018 Canton Tower Science and Technology Conference: The Artificial Intelligence Industrialization Leadership Summit” officially kicked off.

As one of the organizers of the conference, Orient Zhu, vice president of IDG Asia, said in his speech that Guangzhou is not only a major IT town and a technology center but also a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence. It has plans and goals in this field. Along with the in-depth development of the IAB plan, it has achieved phased results. “I hope more people can see the development opportunities in Guangzhou and come to Guangzhou to pursue business success. Also, I hope Guangzhou can share experiences and work together,” said Zhu.

Yan Shuicheng, Vice President and Dean of AI Research Institute of 360, said in the speech “Collaborative Intelligence Talks” that many people advocate that artificial intelligence may affect people’s work, but the core value of artificial intelligence is not to replace humans, but to help them become more powerful through the collaboration of human and computers.

Founder and CEO of Aibee, Lin Yuanqing, gave a speech on the theme “Enhance the Traditional Industry, Polish the Ultimate AI Technology”. He believes that polishing the ultimate AI technology is not only the realization of AI technology but also the necessary path for technology development. This is because AI technology has to be applied to industry and get massive data from applications. This is the inevitable road for AI technology – development and application are complementary and indispensable.

Zhou Bowen, Vice President of Jingdong Group and Head of AI Platform and Research Department, said in his speech that in the future, the ability to harvest artificial intelligence results in mainstream business is an important standard in judging the world winners and losers.

The systematic deployment of artificial intelligence in the whole retail chain will overturn the entire retail industry in the industry’s fourth revolution. All links of the retail industry can benefit from artificial intelligence and be reconstructed by it.