Denmark offers financing for wind energy projects

Denmark offers financing for new wind energy projects in Pakistan on concessional terms. 3rd International Wind Energy Summit that held in Karachi where Ambassador of Denmark interact with Pakistan Rolf Michael Hay Pereira Holmboe with the aim of 100 per cent electricity generation on the basis of renewable energy resources with the capacity of with zero percent interest rate for some projects by the year 2030 to reduce its reliance on expensive fossil fuels for power production.

Denmark offers financing for wind energy projects

The Danish envoy highlighted and suggested few policies regarding new energy projects. The financial support to Pakistan from Denmark is approx $100 million to $150 million of investments.

Pakistan look forward to “energy police force” that could exclusively work to grab and fine people involved in electricity theft so as to gear the issue of circular debt as it put off all foreign investment and hinder the growth rate.

Denmark had been producing wind energy more than any country but even then, they faced 27 minutes of power load shedding every year and also most areas of our country haven’t face power cut-off for last ten years.

Rolf Michael Hay Pereira Holmboe concluded that there is a dire need for the energy sector to deal with all the issues related to energy generating projects.