“We found that because urban mothers are better educated, aware of polio vaccination benefits and empowered to handle household economic affairs, they ensure that their children get vaccinated”

Waqas Imran, Idara-e-Taleem-O-Aagahi

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[ISLAMABAD] Improving the socio-economic status of women could ensure better success of the oral polio vaccination (OPV) programme in Pakistan, one of the last refuges of the wild polio vaccine in the world besides Afghanistan and Nigeria, says a new study.

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Pakistan represents more than 85 per cent of the global wild poliovirus cases because of unvaccinated pockets, dropouts from complete oral vaccination doses and persistence of positive environmental samples, according to the study to be published November in Public Health.

Made with ‘live’ but weakened polioviruses, OPV doses have been administered around the world for decades to replace the wild poliovirus in the environment and stop transmission of the disease and eventually eliminate it.

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