Ecobloom aquaponic ecosystem

Ecobloom have been working on developing intelligent in-home miniature greenhouses with self-sustaining aquaponic ecosystem since the beginning of 2017.

Ecobloom aquaponic ecosystem

They empower users to grow fresh and organic herbs and vegetables all year round, while enabling them to monitor and control their system remotely through their phones.

By the year of 2050, it is expected that 70% the world’s population will be living in cities. With a rapidly growing population comes new demands that need to be met. Supporting more innovative ways of growing food is crucial and necessary.

The FoodTech startup Ecobloom was born out of a shared vision that aims to empower users to grow fresh and organic food in a sustainable and resource efficient way.

Ecobloom continuously work with developing the next generation growing systems for the home, bringing nature closer to people while empowering them to live a healthier lifestyle. They provide them with the tools to help create a better and more sustainable future.

Their goal is to engage users in the growing process, and to do so more interactively. By combining technology and food, they have been able to develop an intelligent and self-sustaining ecosystem.

The EcoGarden is continuously being monitored, and the user is always notified about the status of the system through the phone. Users can grow fresh food, while being immersed in the growing process, from seed to harvest.

Gandhi once said: If you want to change the world, start with yourself. A powerful quote, and true in so many ways. By creating awareness amongst users, and making them aware about the consequences of the production and consumption of food and water, we can all contribute to the planet’s health, and work towards creating a better and more sustainable world for future generations.

Growing food doesn’t have to be difficult and time-consuming, but rather fun and interactive. And through technology, we are able to do that, says Hamza Qadoumi, Founder of Ecobloom.Ecobloom is part of Google’s Partner Network through Epicenter Stockholm, and supported by Red Bull Basement.

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