solar wind hydro biomass bagas energy

Pakistan is extremely rich in renewable energy resources especially wind, solar and hydro, but unfortunately, we are not consuming these renewable resources at optimum level as this sector faces several challenges which include lesser knowledge and misperceptions about renewables energy.

solar wind hydro biomass bagas energy

We are living in the country, where we are producing 64 percent of the energy from fossil fuels i.e. coal, gas, and oil. These fuels are affecting the climate change and damaging the environment. The usage of fossils fuels is destroying the ozone layer by producing carbon monoxide which is very harmful. It has disturbed our ecosystem which has resulted in lower of rainfalls. 

Current state of renewable energy

Pakistan is already in the list of most vulnerable climate change country. We have faced massive floods, heat waves, water scarcity, and drought in the last couple of years.  In order to bridge the gap between production and consumption of electricity, we need to implement more electricity project. As fossil fuels project are facilitating to damage the natural environment. Government should stop the fossils fuel project and need to launch the renewable energy resources project at national level.

Recently, Supreme Court of Pakistan has initiated fundraising program to construct Diamer Basha and Mohmand dams. So far they have raised about PKR 2 billion which is a positive sign towards the development of renewable energy projects in Pakistan.

AEDB confirms that there is potential to generate 2.9 million MW of electricity through solar technology and 340,000 MW through wind energy.  The government of Pakistan should implement policies and renewable energy resources project through public-private partnership.

Potential resources

Expert says hydro power project covers the 30 percent of overall electricity generation. There are 14 dams which were propose to be construct. This will add 15792 MW of electricity. However, 31 dams are already under construction to produce 7127 MW of energy.

USAID report confirmed that Pakistan has an ability to produce wind energy of 340,000 MW. But unfortunately, we are just producing 946 MW with the help of wind energy which is insufficient to fulfill the demand. More than 27 projects of wind energy are under construction to add 2325 MW of electricity.

Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) stated that Pakistan has a potential to generate 2.9 million MW solar power. As it receives a high level of solar insolation. But Pakistan is currently producing less than 1000 MW of electricity through solar project. More than 12 solar projects are under construction to produce approx. 315 MW of electricity.

“Pakistan is in the state of war to combat climate and energy woes” Amjad Ali Awan, CEO AEDB,

Bagasse is a raw material of sugarcane to produce electricity. Pakistan is producing six million tons sugar in a year. Research confirms that Pakistan has the potential to produce 3000 MW electricity with the help of bagasse. NEPRA confirms that 120 MW of power is being supplied to national grid by 16 Sugar Mills. 15 bagasse projects are under construction to produce 395 MW of energy.

Biomass is a renewable source of energy from organic material. 3 projects of biomass are under construction to produce 100 MW of power. There is another type of renewable source of energy called “Waste Heat Recovery Power”. Lucky Cement and Maple Cement are producing 65 MW of electricity with the help of waste heat recovery power.


In order to achieve sustainable economic growth, government should launch R&D center for the development of renewable energy in Pakistan and need to stop fossils fuels project as soon as possible. This will help to make Pakistan green and clean.

Government should also engage Civil Societies, Ministry of Climate Change, media houses, and environmental researcher for the implementation of renewable energy resources project in the country.

We should make the efficient and effective use of renewable energy resources, to make progress in the power production sector.

Being as a Pakistani citizen, it’s my core of values to perform my role for the development of this nation. I am confident that, we will bring a positive change to our society by contributing our role to make Pakistan stable and prosperous country.

By Abdul Azeem

I am a youth Activist and has a passion to work for youth development programs to bring a positive change in Society.