With the upcoming government, many believe that this might not only bring the economy to a new height but also, transform science & technology. Rejuvenating the passion that once existed.

Problems Ahead

Our universities, are very poor in their educational system. They lack the real essence, a university needs in preparing its youth for a real life work experience instead it works on ideal parameters that rarely are present.

Furthermore, universities stress more on memorization and information rather than concept and its application. Our universities not only lack this, but also in pushing creativity & innovation to solve new challenges.

Most students, who have pursued science, beholding PHD degrees internationally and nationally. Do not find jobs back in Pakistan. Have little or no career progress or an upcoming future in their fields. Rather they have to find second options to earning, for example teaching or other menial jobs.

Science and Research

At current, Pakistan  not only  faces a disaster in other epidemics. But also, science and research which is imperative to moving ahead as a country in 21st century.  

Faisal Khan, a biologist at Cecos University in Peshawar says

Imran is like our Kennedy. He can lead and he can inspire” . He hopes that the new government will help take science and research to its highest levels. Faisal Khan, who returned from Oxford after his degree, was not given any such opportunities or asked by the government.  There is a lab in CECOS university and an incubator for startup companies.

Many people in the science field, discuss the fact that they have CVS filled with PHDs and MSC but there are very few jobs to offer. Plus there degrees are of little value, as Pakistani Science Universities have poor standard and little research involved.

Problems with Universities

The top some universities, are run by military and the civil has a little say in it. Which automatically halts progress except for a few set standards.

Infact, one university under military control which is NUST. Had one student who suicided after not finding a job completing his engineering degree.

The new government

PTI, an upsurging political party that has won over hearts of millions. Their mantra of justice is a living dream waiting to be answered. In this wait, many other dreamers and aspiring new talents hope that the new government, will transfigure their careers and passion into nations beating heart!

Moreover, Imran Khan the current prime minister in the past has used science and research in bringing the first cancer free of cost hospital in a third world country also he has created Naml University which has degrees associated with Bradford University( who he has been a chancellor of). Such accomplishments of his, without being in power surely show a sign of great victory for revolving Science&Technology to a 360!


By Zainab Zaidi

An aspiring media artist! Working as a writer, freelancer and a teacher(IGCSE).