HEC degree attestation reforms

Recently HEC announced that, it will no longer need previous qualifications prior to the current degree for attestation. They will consider the degree on its own merits. This seems to sound like an influential reform but may have its own pros and cons. There are mix reactions from experts, professionals and students on acceptance or rejection of this new change!

HEC degree attestation reforms

In the past, attestation of prior qualifications was a long wrestle for degree holders. For many people with original certificates, it became an issue as any minor flaw would mean that  their current degree will not be verified despite being from recognised institutions.

The flaws could have any reason, it may have been from the awarding institution or the board or even be due to loss of documents. Many long profile cases of highly known individuals have been accused of fake degree claims or unsure results due to the above process. Which may have caused great distress to those with authenticity.

Concerns for doubts

However, there is an issue those with fake qualifications or uncertain ones may get degrees. Which might be a rising problem for the already weak education system.

Ayesha Ikram spokesperson for HEC, said that they are simplifying procedures  and facilitating students. HEC also stated that, they will accredit degrees of only recognized institutions.

Reactions to the HEC new reform

Social Media has hyped up with amazingly positive reviews to the whole scenario, congratulating and appreciating Tariq Banuri (HEC chairperson) “for leading purposeless to purpose education”, as one commenter states.

Furthermore, many have called it a “bold initiative” and a “great step” towards bringing better education. Also many stated that, this will help to resolve a number of issues students are facing. The new reforms will put them at ease of convenience making later processes much easier for certifications.

Certain quarters are calling this new change a pleasant surprise especially for upcoming students.

By Zainab Zaidi

An aspiring media artist! Working as a writer, freelancer and a teacher(IGCSE).