Chinese delegation visited PARC Agricultural Research Council (PARC), Headquarters, Islamabad and meet with Dr. Yusuf Zafar, T.I, Chairman, PARC for Pak-China Collaboration in Agriculture Sector.

Chinese delegation has visited PARC Agricultural Research Council (PARC)

On the occasion, chairman, PARC acknowledged the support of China in various projects of PARC. In a meeting with Chinese Delegation, he gave a detailed presentation about PARC, its mission and vision to achieve sustainable food security and poverty alleviation through knowledge and innovation.

PARC chairman also briefed the delegation about presence of PARC in the Country, National Agricultural System of Pakistan, PARC discipline of in-house research, i.e, Plant Sciences, Natural Resources, Animal Sciences, Agricultural Engineering and Social Sciences.

He also highlighted the Pakistan Agricultural Scenario and PARC major achievements.

In the meeting, Pak- China experts also exchanged the agricultural information and discussed the areas of mutual interest to accelerate the development of Agriculture sector in Pakistan.

The Chinese delegation appreciated the PARC’s role of collaboration with international partners for the development of agricultural sector in Pakistan.

According to the view of delegation that this meeting would definitely prove fruitful to further strengthen existing collaboration between the both countries.

They also visited Land Resources Labs and Climate Smart Training and Learning site at Soroba Chakri, established under the Himalayan Adaptation Water and Resilience Research (HI-AWARE) project, NARC.

The Chinese delegation was headed by Prof. Zhao Xinli, DDG, Chinese Science and Technology Exchange Centre, M/o Science & Technology, P.R.C, China. Other Members of the Chinese delegation included Prof. Li Xiang Kai, Prof. Yue Yuele, Dr. Yang Xue and Mr. Jia.

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