Agriculture is the backbone of Pakistan. Its economy depend on agricultural products. Pakistan has all natural resources which is for crop growth like water and arable land. The best use of resources always give good returns for sustainable system in agriculture and better the environment. For crop production soil fertility and its productivity are important. Keep in mind only fertile soil is not productive. So, analysis of soil, water and then crop are very important in case of obtaining high yield.

analysis of soil, water and then crop are very important

Government of Pakistan build soil, water and plants diagnostic laboratories across all over the country. Many private companies also have laboratories in the Pakistan. They provide diagnostic facility and farmer’s advisory service at cheap rates.

Role of soil, water and plant analysis in agriculture

The theme of sustainable agriculture is that to produce food by using natural resources for yourself and keep them safe and sound for future generations. Farmers are using inorganic fertilizers for high yield.

The inorganic fertilizers improves yield but when will use in sufficient ranges of crops. Different fertilizer are used for different type of soils. Because these are used by following the rules of pH betterment.

Soils has nutrients pool. The role of water is also essential for availability of nutrients because it contains salts. Excess application of fertilizer reduce cost benefit ratio. It is much important for human health. An optimum ranges help to prevent plant stress and losses through diseases and pest attack. Crop scientist also define sufficient level of nutrients for each crop.

These strategies reduce losses and increase profit of farmer and count in sustainable management. Because toxic levels burn the plants and create pollution. This approach does not change organic matter of soil but it improves chemical, physical and biological properties of soils.

Adverse effects of injudicious use of fertilizers

Excess use of fertilizers is very dangerous practice. Nitrate leached down in water bed and subsurface flow of water and cause diseases in humans and animals. It causes methemoglobinemia and cyanosis. The threshold dose of nitrate for human is 50mg per litre.

The addition of cadmium in the soil by using phosphoric fertilizers is not good. It becomes the part of our food chain and cause diseases like cardiovascular and hypertension and interfering with zinc and copper and cause severe diarrhea, lipid deposition in arteries and abdominal pain in humans and animals. It is major cause of eutrophication and major threat for water ecosystem.

Soil and water pollution

Soil and water pollution is threat for our environment. Environment is not safe for us in such condition. Pollution destroy it very badly. The all types of pollution causes long term negative impacts on environment and human health. So we should think about it because it will increase with passage of time, if we do not control it. Environmental policies can sustain healthy system.

Environmental policy is defined as the commitment of an institute or organization to the laws, mechanism policies and regulations dealing environmental issue. The environmental cross sectional teams identifies problems and recommended objectives and targets from the environmental aspect and impact listening. It is a legal regulatory system.

These objectives and targets define as the objectives that identified environmental aspects, specific quantified targets which define those performance objectives and the planned deadlines for the achievement of those targets. It is duty of every citizen to share environment policies to those people who are not aware these policies. If this system run in our country, then we will not give danger zone to our upcoming generations.

Soil and water analysis recommendation philosophies

Soil and water testing and recommendation philosophies are based on sufficient level of available nutrients, action saturation ratio, nutrients build up and maintenance. The sufficient level of nutrients stated that nutrients in the soil which respond to fertilizer and dose above this point will harm the plants and lower the yield of crops.

Action saturation ratios tell about ground nutrients when available in ground improves ground physical, chemical and biological properties and also improve crop health. This approach has reduced pest and disease attack and increased farmer’s profit. It also describes about soil particles which is held by calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium and remaining sites hold aluminum and ions.

These points are very necessary to know when we will make recommendation plans of fertilizer. The third rule is essential for initial recommendation where soil fertility is very low and not able to get maximum yield. Annual based recommendations are given to farmers and they will focus about 3 to 4 years with rotation of crops for betterment of soils.

The all 13 nutrients added in the soil at right time with right dose. For good nutrient maintenance in the soil, testing is most important, without it farmer’s land become barren. The pH of the soil is very important because it will tell us about soil acidity and basicity. The organic matter test will also most important because organic matter of the soil has importance like a blood in human.

Farmer’s Services

Farmers collect soil and water samples and then send it to their regional laboratory. If farmers are not aware about how to sample then they will connect to laboratory samples collection room. The field man of laboratory will move to place and collect soil samples.

The optimum ranges also written on back side of report page or card.Farmers should be checked and get knowledge about soil fertility classes and water quality. The soil is very profitable for farmers because it has low cost and not a laborious process. The land is just not your property but it’s a home for all creatures. Safe this land by your wisely actions and valuable decision and increases your nation’s wealth, health and prosperity.

By Iqra Ghafoor

M.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture/Agronomy MNS University of Agriculture Multan, Pakistan