Octara, Pakistan’s leading training solutions provider, will collaborate with Expothon, a Canadian think tank on innovative excellence to host a series of exclusive workshops focused on devising pragmatic solutions for Pakistani businesses.

The ultimate aim of these workshops is to develop a plan to quadruple the total exports of Pakistan.

A marathon debate on this key issue will be held at the Ramada Plaza in Karachi on Saturday August 11, 2018. It will focus on quadrupling the innovative potential of Pakistan’s mid-sized business economy.

This debate will be simulcast live to 50,000 mid sized businesses in Pakistan. Currently, a program of 30 VIP panelists is being scheduled for the event. Octara is additionally seeking entrepreneurial business women who are already achieving a turnover of 30 to 50 crore rupees.

The five-day intensive trainings will take place in Lahore (Sept 24-28), Karachi (Oct 1-5), Faisalabad (Oct 8-12), Islamabad (Oct 15-19) and again in Karachi (Oct 22-26 for women entrepreneurs only).

This niche program has been designed for Pakistani business owners, thought leaders and entrepreneurs to identify solutions to problems that hinder large-scale business expansion in Pakistan.

These intensive, five-day boot camps are intended for founders and owners, and the next generation of business leaders across the nation.

These training sessions will take place under the theme of ‘Quad ability’, reflecting the program’s ambitious goal of quadrupling the nation’s ex-portability.

Quad ability aims to engage high-net worth individuals and distinguish persons in a ‘battle of the minds’ to boost Pakistan’s exports, which comprise only 1% of the world’s total exports.

Chairman of Expothon, Naseem Javed, who is leading the program in Pakistan with the support of TCS, said, “The idea behind Quad ability is to initiate a movement where the very talented and entrepreneurial forward-thinking leaders of the country come together to delve into issues of concern.

We will collaboratively create solutions that stimulate the expansion of local businesses, guided by international best practices.”

Talking about the program, CEO of Octara, Jamil Janjua said, “This would be a superior gathering of upcoming entrepreneurial geniuses who are already in businesses and ready to engage in tactical and entrepreneurial combative battlefield formations.”

Each session has a limited number of seats. To register, in any preferred city, individuals can express their interest via email on: info@octara.com. For more details about Quad ability, please visit the website www.octara.com or www.expothon.com

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