Space Summer school (SSS) concluded at Institute of Space Technology (IST). Space School hosted over 100 students of 60 schools and colleges of Pakistan.

Institute of Space Technology Space Summer School concludes
Institute of Space Technology concludes Space Summer School 2018

Institute of Space Technology (IST) organized Space Summer School 2018. Space School hosted over 100 students of 60 schools and colleges of Pakistan. It was a two week activity based learning covered more than 50 interactive sessions in 10 exploration tracks for students in two levels as abecedarian and virtuoso.

It had a canvas of space themed activities, interactive lectures, hands on workshops, space career counselling, Dr. Abdus Salam space contest, space creative writing, space creative arts, space Spellathon, webinars and seminars.

The concluding ceremony was hosted by Dr. Najam Abbas, Director Student Affairs and Program Head SSS greeted the participants and appraised the accomplishments of Space Summer School under the initiative of Space Technology Education and Popularization (STEP).

The chief guest of the ceremony, Dr. Khurram Iqbal commended the initiative of Institute of Space Technology for creating cognizance about space technology among the youth and educating students about the benefits of space technology. Dr. Khurram appreciated the efforts of IST for Space Technology education and popularization.

Space Summer School covered ten themes namely the Earth, Atmosphere, Aviation, Rocketry, Satellite Technology, Space Travel, Space for Life, Space Agencies, Astronomy and Astrophysics and space agencies.

It hosted two special webinars with Dr. Aquib Moin from UAE Space Agency about UAE Mars Mission and Dr. Nozair Khawaja from Germany on Astrobiology. 

IST also conducted the Dr. Abdus Salam Space Contest on the last day of space summer school in order to gauge the level of space learning of students. Awards were given to the winners of Space Spellathon, Space creative writing, Space Arts, water rocket, aero modeling and drag parachute competitions.

Space Summer School participants were also provided an opportunity to explore Planetarium, Aircraft Technology, CanSat Satellite development, water rocket & Quadcopter Design and Fabrication along with Astrolabe and Telescopy.

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