Information Technology in Pakistan is no joke, and with companies among the likes of Abtach, the future certainly seems a lot brighter for IT companies!

KARACHI: In the light of recent events, several entrepreneurs have set foot into the blessed land of Pakistan to set up their own companies in the industry designated to information technology. However, Pakistan is rather renowned at this point to have a well-earned reputation for being home to some of the most rapidly growing IT companies in the world. Abtach is one such name in the IT market, which has done nothing but set the bar higher for competitors all around the world in merely four years.

While there are several entrepreneurs who established startups in Pakistan’s IT industry but later succumbed to the pressure of the cutthroat competition within the field, Azneem Bilwani – founder and CEO of Abtach – was not among those names. Over the span of just four years, Abtach has risen from the ashes to become the widely recognized name that it is today in the IT industry.

If the name sounds highly familiar, it’s only because the company and the team that works behind the curtains is certainly one that is dedicated to the mission statement, which is as simple as it gets:

“Our mission revolves around our prime focus; to bring a striking digital difference in the tech world.”

The real game-changer, however, was the fact that in such a short amount of time, the creators of the company focused on not just making Abtach one of the biggest IT companies in Pakistan, but to also spread their expertise and skills onto other countries, including the United States of America, South Korea, United Kingdom, China and Australia!

Breathing Life into an Idea

Nonetheless, the success of Abtach did not come overnight, nor did it take just one mind to bring it to where it is today. The journey started in 2014, when Azneem Bilwani started his venture, ensuring that he put his heart and mind into building the perfect team. As Salman Yousuf joined hands with Bilwani, and became the COO of the company, the vision of Abtach becoming the best IT Company in Pakistan came to life. As the two expanded and grew their team of dedicated IT experts, it wasn’t long before Abtach opened an office in the United States of America in the year 2016. In the same year business was commenced in China, and was expanded to the UK by 2017.

Today, Abtach is widely recognized by several leading companies in the IT industry all around the world. The longstanding reputation of the organization as the first and foremost choice for any digital problem, is certainly one that is well earned and deserved as a result of the effort and determination that was put into the venture by its creators.

Setting the Bar Higher

Pakistan has embraced and accepted IT developers for several years with open arms. While IT companies in Pakistan are not a new subject, they are definitely getting advanced and thriving a lot more in recent years. Abtach, for one, has definitely set the standard a lot higher for other companies and firms in the field to compete with.

The main reason behind the growing popularity of the renowned IT Company lies in the fact that neither Azneem Bilwani, nor Salman Yousuf have any plans to slow down the speed at which they are growing. The duo, along with their 300+ employees ensure that they stay true to the company’s philosophy:

“Our passion is the main force that drives us into performing well for Abtach. We love what we do and that’s why, we’ve strengthened our ties with IT enthusiasts who are genuinely committed to take this company to the peak of its success. We believe in respecting our people’s rights and privacy and that leads us into ensuring a win-win situation for our company and its people.”

As a matter of fact, the excellence of the company’s personnel paired with the impeccable vision of Mr. Salman Yousuf is also accountable for the newfound genius idea of introducing a brand new tech innovation called eWorldTrade.

The combination of the two – Abtach and eWorldTrade – is certainly a match made in Heaven, because the two companies have risen to the top in absolutely no time, and you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll be hearing a lot more about these companies in the near future as the originators plan to expand their horizons to countries all over the world.

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