Profession is a parameter by which a man’s capability is usually determined in a society. Profession plays an important part in one’s life as it it determines wealth, respect and peace. Professional field is becoming a common desire of people to ensure a bright future in a developing state like Pakistan.

Professional affiliation plays an important part in one's life as it it determines wealth, respect and peace

Due to poverty and unemployment suspicions, parents are usually very concerned about the save future of their next generation. In the present scenario, in our developing state becoming doctor or engineer is considered as an insurance of a bright future. Certain factors are misleading these two fields as only professional fields that compel students and parents to think only about these fields.

But unfortunately due to lack of resources and mismanagement, the dream of many to adopt these professions is shattered. First of all we have low number of medical and engineering colleges in which 1.2million students compete for approximately 20,000 alloted seats. Also due to the lack of government interests, corruption, misuse of authorities and poor level of grass root education many able students remain deprived of this opportunity.

Considering it as a great failure mostly society and parents compel the student to think that his purpose of life has been ended. Here various questions arise in our minds that… Is life summed up here? What we should do next? Why not look forward to other fields instead of regrets?

The answer to all these questions is that students should develop a positive approach instead of losing their potential to carry on their practical lifes. Everything on this planet has its own direction, space and place in its course of life.

Like some stars forming galaxies and spreading brightness in a particular direction, some alone travelling in different directions still lightening the universe, these students must be like lonely stars but still brightening  the universe.

Hence the purpose of a student’s life in a society must be like a lady bug spreading it knowledge from one corner to the other, gaining lessons through failures like an aunt and accomplishing more and more instead of getting knocked down in practical life as a jackal.

Therefore our society is in desperate need of mind shifting. We need various professionals in every filed to tackle the ongoing scenarios. “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are” this quotation perfectly describes what the attitude of students must be at the present time. So these students need to indulge in various fields that can help them to compete with so called professional fields.

The role media and government can play in this situation is to promote other fields, make more colleges and universities for other fields. One thing government ensure is to give a professional and approved degree to the B.S program students especially in the most educated and top class universities to seek the interest of young students and to encourage them through media also to make them ready to conquer the world.

By Amna Tahir Awan

An ambitious student looking to prosper in my field.