Government need to focus on large scale production of vacuum technology equipment in Pakistan: Dr. Javaid Bhatti, President Pakistan Vacuum Society

Vacuum Technology enhances modern research and quality of industrial products

“Vacuum Technology has become one of the most significant and promising technologies of the modern age. In the emerging global economy, the role of vacuum technology is assuming unprecedented importance especially for the developing countries which are facing multifarious challenges of economic productivity and its quality which ultimately placed new demands on availability of modern equipments and a trained technical manpower”, said by Dr. Javaid Ahsan Bhatti, while addressing a one-day seminar on Vacuum Technology as Chief Guest at Faculty of Sciences Auditorium, Allama Iqbal Open University.

The seminar was organized by the Physics Department, Allama Iqbal Open University with the collaboration of Pakistan Vacuum Society. A large number of students, faculty and local industrialists attended the seminar

Pakistan Vacuum Society (PVS) is fully cognizant of this situation and is devoting its major efforts to produce knowledge-based manpower, to broaden the industrial base of the country to augment exports for earning foreign exchange, high quality production of vacuum technology equipment and its marketing thus relieving dependence on foreign equipment.

Vacuum technology is presently considered as the backbone of the scientific and industrial development of any country. All the advanced countries are investing billions of dollars every year for developing vacuum technology equipment, components and systems. He urged the government to allocate a significant amount for the development of vacuum technology in Pakistan.

Dr. Bhatti advised students to take advantage of the high-tech research based on this technology specially, biotechnology and advanced materials. He urged industrialists to take the benefit of vacuum technology in improving the quality of their industrial products such as manufacturing of surgical equipment, metallizing, textile, food and beverages, coating, packaging and plastic moulding industries.

Vacuum-based hyperloop technology could transport passengers between cities cheaply at more than half the speed of sound. Work on the quick transportation of humans and goods in vacuum tubes is progressing at a fast pace. Soon vacuum tube trains will be the plying in the advanced countries, which will be novel creation of this century.

The seminar was addressed by Prof. Dr. Zafar Ilyas, Prof. Dr. Wilyat Hussain, Prof. Dr. Ihtazaz Qammar, Prof Dr. Haji Akram, Prof. Dr. Attya Rizwan and Dr. Muhammad Arif. A practical demonstration of the vacuum technology equipment was also a part of this seminar.