Most of us are familiar with term Conveyor Belt. Food Conveyor is one of the most important things in confectioneries. This is what you are going to learn. I believe, the more you know the more you grow. Have you ever traveled abroad? Or have you gone to gym? You have seen their scanner which takes your luggage and delivers you after scanner and you run on treadmill at belt respectively. These are type of belting and there are different for different industrial requirements. Food Conveyor Belt is one of them which directly relates to your health.

Food conveyor

Most of industries are shifted from manual processes to automatic or computerized processes. You buy ready to cook meal, it transports on belt. Fruits, they are washed as well as packed on belts. Most important is thing to notice is belting in Confectionery & Baking industries like chocolate, everyone’s love. Simple chocolate production process will elaborate you how belt’s link with heath.

  1. Raw form of chocolate is not eatable. Manufacturers melts and add some ingredients (sorry I don’t know ingredients)
  2. They put this melted chocolate in pre-designed die. (Hearth shape, long, thick, round etc)
  3. This die & chocolate transfers from cooling tunnel (a long conveyor belt is used here to transport) a cooling tunnel is fully air conditioned room and machinery part to cool down chocolate and shape it.
  4. The little different case is with biscuit manufacturing. Hot melted biscuit is directly shifted to belt after passing from oven (to bake it).

Now you can have an idea why I wrote process? FDA approved Conveyor Belts are costly as compared to light weight non food conveyor belts. In developing Countries and also in developed Countries, Manufactures buy low priced non food belt which is not actually approved for international health standards and cannot be used for products that consumers are going to eat and have directly attached with belt. Like chocolate & biscuit in above example. The same is with biscuits, jelly, bubble and other baking items.

It surely saves their costing from industrial perspective but such buying behaviors of food industries and pharmaceuticals industries can truly harm health. Bubble, chocolate, biscuits, jelly & many other items are baked and cooked and travelled through these belts.

Avoid Nonfood because

Non-food belts are not manufactured with human consumption safe materials. Food items that are directly placed at belt absorb its chemicals that can result serious sickness. You will not notice but you shall be consuming harmful stuff.

Which brands to buy & use?

Yes this is question which 99% of readers will ask themselves. Go for a good company. Ask their factory or offices to arrange you a visit to their production plants. Yes you can have visit, they shall allow you and it is also your right. I am not saying never buy from local manufacturer, I am just saying to be more curious about your health.

Advice to manufacturers

Do not go for low quality conveyor, especially where your items are going to touch them. Love Humanity. As you sow, so shall you reap is a universal truth. If a manufacturer saves production cost and provide non edible stuff to consumer, there are many different manufacturers too and providing such items to your family also.


It is observed that small scale industries or companies targeting limited city or area use this practice to generate more revenues. A healthy eating habits leads to a life where you don’t visit your doctor on regular basis.

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